Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Package: Evaluation

Overall, I am very happy with my completed product. Although it may be simple, it represents the idea of a package and the mystery surrounding it. Why is it there? What's inside of it? Why do people keep picking it up? And so on.

The original idea for this project was create a film called 'The Package' - we could do anything we want but it has to relate to the film title. Now instead of following cliche conventions such as a car chase or hostage situation involving a package, we decided to go with the more comedic route. Our film just involves a small cast doing nothing with a package, as I mentioned in my earlier posts, the narrative of the film is: Guy drops package and walks away, girl skips over to package, observes it and places it back neatly and then another guy picks up the package, attempts to conceal it under his blazer (its far too big) and walks off. That's it. Very simple, yet unconventional and it got a few laughs when we showed ti to people.

Whilst writing this, I feel that I have covered all the points that should be in an evaluation as in my previous post as I blogged in sections: Planning, Shooting, Editing and the film itself. Each of these posts contained an evaluation for it's respective topic and I need not repeat myself here. I could rattle on about some of the key concepts that the film involves but would it be worth it? I suppose it could represent natural human interest to observe something which has been left without an owner, but in the end, it's a package, it's rather unrealistic and ultimately it's just entertaining.

Would we have a target audience? I doubt it, anyone who wants to watch bizarre video's may enjoy this as there is no real story and the music and camera shots fit in well to make it strange and funny.

In the end, we created this video to practice for our real A2 coursework, I had my first experiences with a camera and script and an adobe video editing software and I learnt a lot on how to create a script for a very short film, frame a camera shot in the correct position and edit the video to make it run smoothly and allow audio to blend in with the visual occurrence.

Don't worry though, for when it's time to begin my A2 coursework, I will be explaining all the key concepts for it in detail, updating my blog more reguarly to show continuous update's and eventually producing an amazing piece of work. I had a lot of fun doing this and I learnt a lot.


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