Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Package: Shooting

We decided to shoot The Package directly outside of our school. This was mainly for two reasons: 

1) We did not have to go far with the School's cameras. This lessened the risk of dropping or breaking them and having to pay money for a new one.

2) The location of a long and empty path is actually right outside of our school, so this is very convenient and saves a lot of time as we didn't have to travel far.

The shooting was very simple - we used a tripod with a Sony Digital Camera and shot three scenes using very simple camera functions such as 'Record' and 'Zoom'. We did not need to use any Special FX as this was just a 'practice' video and just basic recording features were needed.

We used three people for shooting: Myself, Toby and our friend Emma. I played the part of the person dropping the package whilst Toby filmed, Emma played the part of the lady trying to eat the package and Toby played the part of the person taking the package whilst I filmed. 

We also managed to capture an elderly woman in the film, who asked us if the package was ours, it was very comedic and a good edition to our short movie!

Overall, the filming was very fun and the camera's with the tripod set-up were easy to use. This has made me more confident for when when I begin filming for my main coursework project.

The Package: Planning

Our idea for the package was a very original one. Instead of the conventional idea of a drug deal or bank robbery, we decided to keep our short film simple, so simple in fact, that it's almost laughable!

This isn't a bad thing though, because as far as the entertainment value goes, our short film will be very entertaining. The idea is as follows:

A man is walking along an empty pathway, when he drops a package. -> A young lady then appears, picks up the package, attempts to eat it, upon realizing she cannot do so, puts the package down neatly. -> Finally, another man walks along very calmly, picks up the package, attempts to conceal it under his blazer, then runs away.

Now you may be thinking that this is a stupidly horrendous idea... and it is! But the originality of it is so unique and is so simple and stupid, that it will be very funny and entertaining.

Finally, our version of 'The Package' will be like no other, will feature top-notch editing and ultimately, be a very good short film!