Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Package: Planning

Our idea for the package was a very original one. Instead of the conventional idea of a drug deal or bank robbery, we decided to keep our short film simple, so simple in fact, that it's almost laughable!

This isn't a bad thing though, because as far as the entertainment value goes, our short film will be very entertaining. The idea is as follows:

A man is walking along an empty pathway, when he drops a package. -> A young lady then appears, picks up the package, attempts to eat it, upon realizing she cannot do so, puts the package down neatly. -> Finally, another man walks along very calmly, picks up the package, attempts to conceal it under his blazer, then runs away.

Now you may be thinking that this is a stupidly horrendous idea... and it is! But the originality of it is so unique and is so simple and stupid, that it will be very funny and entertaining.

Finally, our version of 'The Package' will be like no other, will feature top-notch editing and ultimately, be a very good short film!

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